Awesome Traditional Button Style Long Sleeve Linen Shirt

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There is power in simplicity and tradition.

If something has been awesome through the years it is guaranteed to look awesome on you now!

Wear this Asian inspired shirt and pair it with your favorite slacks and denim pants.

This linen shirt features classic cloth buttons and a mandarin collar that gives this shirt a distinctly eastern flavor.

Give this old classic a modern flair by choosing one of our non-traditional colors. This shirt can be worn in your casual outings for a sleek, laid-back style.

Get the Awesome Traditional Sleeve Linen Shirt and get into cool and exotic Asian vogue!

 Asian SizeChestShoulderClothes LengthSleeve Length
M(37.8″) 96 cm(16.1″) 41 cm(24.4″) 62 cm(22.4″) 57 cm
L(40.2″) 102 cm(16.5″) 42 cm(24.8″) 63 cm(22.8″) 58 cm
XL(41.7″) 106 cm(16.9″) 43 cm (25.2″) 64 cm(23.2″) 59 cm
XXL(44.1″) 112 cm(17.3″) 44 cm(26.0″) 66 cm(23.6″) 60 cm
XXXL(45.7″) 116 cm(18.1″) 46 cm(26.8″) 68 cm(24.4″) 62 cm 
4XL(48″) 122 cm(18.9″) 48 cm(27.6″) 70 cm(25.2″) 64 cm 
5XL(49.6″) 126 cm(19.7″) 50 cm(28.3″) 72 cm(26.0″) 66 cm


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