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Trying to enjoy sitting on the porch or sleeping with the windows open can be impossible during mosquito season! The annoying buzzing and biting of these flying pests is enough to drive the most patient person, mad! Plus, mosquitoes can carry disease and germs. Nobody wants those types of things around their children, pets, or themselves.
We've come up with a wonderful device called the Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer Light! Just set this little lamp out where there are mosquitoes and let it do its job! You won't be dealing with those annoying little buggers any more!

TRIPLE TRAPPING POWER: The Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer traps gnats, fruit flies, hornets, yellow jackets, stink bugs, midges, moths, skeeters, no-see-ums and mosquitoes. Simply press the button on the top. The radiation-free 365NM to 395NM purple LED varied light and heat emitted from the device is strong enough to lure the desired bugs above the fan that sucks them in the bottom chamber. The UV bulb generates warmth, and can release CO2 which becomes irresistible to mosquitoes.

SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Mosquitoes, once attracted are sucked in with a powerful, yet quiet suctioned fan and they get pulled into the bottom chamber. This Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer does not emit UV rays out of the unit. This allows the Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer to be safe for babies, small children, and pets. 

TRAP THEM INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: The radius of attraction is roughly 1/2 acre. The lights are LED and will last for YEARS. Use it for the BBQ station, inside next to your bed, camping trips, patio, or also your RV! Simply plug it into any wall outlet, and let the Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer go to work. You won't even realize it was at work until you see the results!
  • No Propane ✔️
  • No Zapping ✔️
  • Non-toxic ✔️
  • No Sprays ✔️
  • No Pesticides + Chemicals ✔️

  • Five Step Process:
    1. Heat Emission leads to small amounts of CO2 being released to lure.
    2. Purple Vortex UV Light Emission (LED Bulb).
    3. Powerful, yet whisper quiet suctioned fan.
    4. Anti-Escape Chamber.
    5. Let the mosquitoes dry out in bottom chamber (Or use the bonus tip below).
    After 1 week of continuous use, you will see a dramatic impact in the mosquitoes around your patio, RV, campsite, or backyard.
    In 6 weeks of continuous use, you can break the mosquito life cycle completely.
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