Celtic Dragon Tungsten Tungsten Carbide Ring

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As creatures that protect the Earth and all living things, Celtic dragons are considered the most powerful of all the Celtic symbols. Like the dragons, this eye-catching ring is designed to withstand the test of time.

These rings are made of Tungsten Carbide, one of the hardest metals known in existence, and is extremely crack and scratch-resistant. A great gift for dragon lovers or loved ones for any occasion.

 Size Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
6 16.51mm 51.9mm
6.5 16.92mm 53.1mm
7 17.32mm 54.4mm
7.5 17.73mm 55.7mm
8 18.14mm 57mm
8.5 18.54mm 58.3mm
9 18.95mm 59.6mm
9.5 19.35mm 60.8mm
10 19.76mm 62.1mm
10.5 20.17mm 63.4mm
11 20.57mm 64.6mm
11.5 20.98mm 65.9mm
12  21.39mm 67.2mm
12.5 21.79mm 68mm
13 22.20mm 69.7mm
15 23.83mm 74.8mm

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