Weatherstrip Small D-shape Car Door Window Edge Rubber Seal Weather Strip



What You Pay For

Replacing the weather strip may cost a few hundred dollars. This rubber strip will save you a lot of money.
In winter, It helps you save on heating costs; in the summer, It helps you save on air conditioning costs.
Sound improvement: It does little to reduce the noise generated by car vibration, but it can effectively reduce wind noise and tire noise. If the engine is too noisy, you can also put a lap on the hood and it will slightly help.

soundproof, waterproof, noise reduction, dustproof;

The front door is about 8m, the two rear doors are about 8m, the hood is about 4.5m, the trunk is about 5m, and the whole car is about 25m.

Condition: 100% brand new, high quality
Material: rubber
Colour: Black
Size: 1.2*0.6*2000cm
Weight per meter: 0.025kg (20m weight 0.5kg)

Package includes:
20m rubber seal