The Dark Knight Joker Costume Full Set – Purple Jacket & Green Vest



The Dark Knight Outfit includes a Purple Jacket and Green Vest.

Introducing The Dark Knight Joker Costume – a chilling tribute to the enigmatic and anarchic character that redefined villainy in cinematic history. Step into the chaotic world of the Joker with this meticulously crafted ensemble that captures every sinister detail.

The costume includes a dark purple, pinstriped blazer that mirrors the Joker’s iconic look, with precise tailoring that embodies his unpredictable nature. The blood-red vest and matching tie add a pop of color that is as unsettling as it is stylish, creating a stark visual contrast that captures the essence of the character.

Crafted with a keen eye for authenticity, the costume also features a screen-accurate green waistcoat, complete with a pattern that reflects the Joker’s disordered mindset. The ensemble is rounded off with tailored pants and a vibrant purple leather glove, showcasing the Joker’s penchant for chaos down to the smallest detail.

Designed for both dedicated cosplayers and collectors, The Dark Knight Joker Costume comes in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Whether you’re looking to channel the essence of Heath Ledger’s iconic performance or simply pay homage to one of cinema’s most memorable villains, this costume is your gateway to immersing yourself in the madness that is the Joker. Unleash your inner agent of chaos and make a statement that Gotham – and the world – won’t soon forget.