Motorcycle Speed Racing Long Boot



A performance boot for both track and street that is anatomically profiled and packed with innovative features, the Boot incorporates the latest advancements in performance footwear design and development. Every component on the CE certified it has been carefully designed to give you a crucial performance edge or keep you on the track for longer, in the form of protection innovations, improved ergonomics and comfort features.


  • Main upper material constructed from advanced microfiber for durability and repeated abrasion resistance.
  • It innovative TPU lateral ankle brace protection provides a biomechanical support between lateral top calf/shin and ankle and offers improved structural integrity, protection against impact shocks, repeated abrasion resistance and flex support.
  • It new and exclusive compound rubber sole promotes improved feel and grip, water dispersion and durability.
  • Internal toe box protection is layered under the upper for durability, improved feel and performance.
  • The boot is CE certified.
  • It is anti-slip soles, reinforced archives wagons, enclosed gear strengthening ankle, waterproof and strong, to protect the feet and ankles, and ergonomic comfort, and graceful.


  • Model: B1001
  • Color: Red Black White
  • Material: Microfiber leather
  • Vehicle service type: Street-sport-motorcycles, street-cruiser-motorcycles, street-touring-motorcycles, street-motor-scooters, all-terrain-vehicles, utility-vehicles

Package Include:

  • 1 x one pair of motorcycle boot
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