Mobile wireless charging tool card

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Urban survival card, this equipment determines it all, all the charging equipment you need are here

Are you still looking for a charging cable? When other people are still looking for a charging cable and forget to bring the correct charging cable, you have already enjoyed your movie on KableCARD

When other people are still pulling other data cables, you have easily taken out KableCABRB, which can be used casually, which is very efficient.

Support wireless charging. The built-in card reader supports USB and Type-c jacks. Not only has a card pin and 2 card slots, but also supports the phone holder function, and has three-segment 3000k LED polarized lighting to protect your eyes

  • Product name: KableCARD
  • Size: 55mm × 86mm × 8.6mm
  • Weight: 51g
  • Color: black and white
  • Model: wireless charging, no wireless charging
  • Included accessories:
  • SIM card pin x 1.30cm
  • Double street data cable × 1
  • Type-C to Type-A × 1
  • Tpye-C to Apple interface × 1
  • Tpye-C to usb × 1
  • Tpye-C to lightning adapter × 1
  • Memory card reader
  • Wireless charging, mobile phone holder, ambient light source, etc.
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