Dual Side Shooter Strobe Cree Pods

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These amber white strobe Pod lights are a perfect addition to any vehicle needing to be seen. The white spotlight will help you see what is in front (or behind) you with ease. Using these on a plow truck. or tow truck will increase your safety. The flashing amber lights are a great way to add visibility to your car or truck.

  • Equipped with fully aluminum housing, and vertical cooling fins on the back for maximum heat dispersion. The energy-efficient design paired with a quick cooling heat sink effectively extends the Bar’s lifespan beyond 30,000 hours.
  • The new design of Dual Side Shooter Strobe Cree Pods to consist of 121-degree 9spot beam of white) & 30-degree (dual side flood beam of white or yellow) combo beam type. Dual side shooters could project out far and wide for excellent coverage.
  • A high-quality vent valve can effectively extend the lifetime of the light bar to over 50,000 hours. Low power consumption than stock halogen bulb, Energy Saving.

  • With adjustable mounting brackets, the cube light can be adjusted to about 45 degrees, which makes it easier to change the direction of the light beam. The lamp can be uninstalled by sliding it off from the bracket.
  • Applications widely support, except for off-road vehicle lighting, it can also be applied to material handling, Agricultural machinery lighting, marine LED lighting, and Emergency & rescue LED lights. Such as ATV, SUV, truck, train, motorbike, bus, engineering vehicles.


  • 45w of White LED in a 30-degree spot pattern
  • Luminous flux: 8000LM
  • Amber can be changed from solid to the strobe effect
  • Amber and white are controlled separately
  • used for emergency, tow, race or just to be seen
  • Turning on and off cycles from strobe to solid patterns

Package inclusion:

  • LED pods
  • Universal Mount bracket for pods
  • a set of wiring harness

How to install:

  • black wire for negative
  • red wire for the spotlight
  • yellow wire for DRL and Strobe modes


  • You could connect the black wire and the yellow wire together to a switch, then you could switch modes between the DRL and strobe function through this switch. (wire switch is not included)