Dry Fit Men’s Training Sportswear Set



Fabric: polyester 92% – commonly used sports fabric
spandex 8% – elastic fibers

Dry Fit, Breathable, Absorb Sweat, High Elastic;

Highly elastic shirt shows strong body, provides close comfort, improves muscle efficiency and reduces muscle vibration and shaking.
This is a moisture-wicking and breathable quick-drying shirt. First, the body sweat will penetrate the fabric and then slowly volatilize during the exercise process.

The shirt will quickly dry thanks to the the quick-drying polyester fabric. This series of functions which are not available in cotton fabrics can relieve your pain caused by sweat!
Sweat-absorption and quick-drying fabric is the trend of fitness clothing now! Color Fastness is Level 4,Soaked in warm water detergent 24 hours do not fade; This colorfast, comfortable and soft shirt feels very good without pilling problem.

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