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Make lifting easier!

The Moving & Lifting Straps is a single or two-person lifting device that is adjustable and functional to carry variety of objects around the home, yard, or workplace.


Works perfectly for furniture, boxes, mattress, construction materials or any heavy, bulky objects up to 600 lbs.

Designed by physical therapists with the ergonomic design encourages proper body mechanics to make lifting objects safer and easier


Adjustable Straps – Extra wide 6″ strap with length adjustable from 3′ long to 6′ long.

  • It helps reduce the risk of injury by employing proper body mechanics and leverage to make lifting objects safer and easier.
  • From moving furniture, and mattresses, to carrying smaller items like firewood, mulch or boxes,
  • It easily lifts it all.

The oversized ergonomic handle provides non-slip grip.
Fully adjustable, can carry almost any size item
Lifting capacity can be used by single or double
Easy to use, easy to store when not in use, no space
Made of new high quality materials, it can be used repeatedly, wearable and durable

Products include: 1* pull rope

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